Readercon_12 Program Grid (as of July 19)

Plain text beneath bold text tells you who's on an item; ignore the gridline between them. See the full Program Guide text (coming soon) for descriptions, and for who's responsible for certain discussions and talks.

Time Panels Readings Discussions, Etc. Kaffeeklatsches Autographs
  Salon F Salon G NH / MA VT ME / CT RI Vineyard Salon E
4:00 PM It's All One Book, Actually   Hopkinson   Bookaholics Anonymous    
  Di Filippo (M), Feeley, J. Gardner, Moorcock, P. Williams
5:00 PM Relative and Absolute Tastes Kessel SF URL Swap
5:30 PM Asher, Hirsch, Levinson, T. Nielsen Hayden (M), O'Leary Robins Kelly
6:00 PM SF Theater: Producing and Directing The Career of Michael Moorcock Dorsey Willey French SF Oceanspace
6:30 PM Beckwith, Freund, Hanger, Kellogg (M), Kelly Bee, Di Filippo, Rich (M), Witcover SF in NYC Steele
7:00 PM The Arts in Character's Lives The Ghetto of Genre: U.K. vs. U.S. Morrow Hirsch SF and Rock For Wannabees Lapine Carver
7:30 PM Bowes, J. Gardner (M), Grant, Hand, Slonczewski Douglas, Malzberg, Minz, Moorcock, Sawyer (M) Sawicki Kessel Kaplan
8:00 PM The Pleasures of Pedagogy Reading Alternate and Fantastic History Lewitt Gilman SF Audioplays DNA Publications Levinson & Morrow Hand & O'Leary
  Arnason, Charnas, Clement, Delany (M), P. Nielsen Hayden, Steele Anzetti, Di Filippo, Doyle, Grossman (M), McMullen Kelly Lapine
9:00 PM (setup) Charnas Levinson SF Age Jean Shepherd  
  Edelman Dern
10:00 PM Meet the Pros(e) Party   Gormenghast 1&2  
  (120 min.)

Time Panels Readings Discussions, Etc. Kaffeeklatsches Autographs
  Salon F Salon G NH / MA VT ME / CT RI Vineyard Salon E
8:00 AM   Gormenghast 1&2  
  (120 min.)
10:00 AM The Readercon Book Club The Loss of a Common Culture Delany McMullen Book E-Piracy Doors of Death. . . Meynard & Sawyer Charnas & Clement
10:30 AM Felice, Minz (M), Reimann Carver, Edelman, Hopkinson, Kelly, Lerner (M) Brody/Peake Ore Brain Plague
11:00 AM The Marriage of True Minds (and Their Book Collections) The Career of Mervyn Peake Sinclair Kellogg PKD & Sturgeon Book-making Cramer & Gravel/Kirstein/Anzetti Levinson & Tan
  Barnett, Clough, Dern (M), Hanger, Minz Cholfin, Meynard, Moorcock, Schweitzer (M), Zone Williams Grossman
12:00 PM SF Theater: Writing The Legacy of A. E. Van Vogt Doyle J. Thomas Is Sf Boring? Hunted Delany & Slonczewski Cisco & Steele
12:30 PM Charnas, Cox (M), Hairston, Kessel, Morrow Bee (M), Clement, Kingsbury, Lake, Ore Kaplan Arnason Calculating God
1:00 PM Welcome to the Future The House as Character Scott & Barnett Witcover Theater at Readercon Toys O'Leary and Tan Cramer & Slonczewski
1:30 PM Clute, Datlow, Gagné, McMullen, Sawyer (M) Gilman, Gravel, Hand, Link, D. Smith (M) Collins Schizophrenia
2:00 PM What the New Wave Was The Enduring Appeal of the Vampire Kelly Reimann Red in Analog Odyssey Clement & Clute Ore & Robins
  Cox (M), Delany, Malzberg, Moorcock, Schweitzer Charnas, Datlow, Sawicki, D. Smith (M), Zone Hatch Cavelos
3:00 PM How the New Wave Changed SF The Primacy of Story Easton Anzetti Pseudonyms Human Genome Hand & Kingsbury Cavelos & Delany
3:30 PM Feeley (M), Kessel, Lapine, Van Gelder, Witcover Arnason, Carver (M), Dorsey, Hatch, O'Leary, Scott Burstein Cisco C. Gardner Slonczewski
4:00 PM We Won, We Lost Sucked In Sawyer S. Smith Editing Erotic Writer Scams Datlow & Kessel Moorcock & Scott/Barnett
  Clute, Malzberg, Morrow (M), T. Nielsen Hayden, Robins, Watts Cavelos, Charnas, J. Gardner, Grossman (M), Willey Tan Clough
5:00 PM (setup and 2 hour dinner break)   Feminism & SF  
  Larbalestier (M)
7:00 PM Michael Moorcock Interviewed  
  by John Douglas
8:00 PM Suzy McKee Charnas Interviewed
  by Eleanor Arnason
9:00 PM The 15th Kirk Poland Memorial Bad Prose Competition (ca 75 mins.)
10:00 PM C. Gardner (M), Gravel (champion), Kessel, Lewitt, Van (M) Gormenghast 3&4
    (120 min.)

Time Panels Readings Discussions, Etc. Kaffeeklatsches Autographs
  Salon F Salon G NH / MA VT ME / CT RI Vineyard Salon E
8:00 AM   Gormenghast 3&4      
9:00 AM Cook & Doyle/Macdonald
  (120 min.)
10:00 AM Arrested Development The Fiction of Suzy McKee Charnas Moorcock Schweitzer Place in SF Small Press Charnas/Arnason & Scott Doyle/Macdonald & Sawyer
10:30 AM Anzetti, Kessel (M), S. Smith, Steele, Wolfe Larbalestier (M), Minz, Sinclair Dorsey Sawicki
11:00 AM Neuroscience and Character The Gothic Novel Hand Bee Aussie SF Point of Dreams Edelman & Ore S. Thomas et al
11:30 AM Grant, Lewitt, Morrow (M), Sinclair, Watts Charnas, Cisco, Clute, Doyle (M), Ringel Macdonald McMullen Scott & Barnett
12:00 PM The "Funny" Obscure Books I Like Three New Waves (SF, Rock, Film) O'Leary Ore SF & E-Media Miocene Arrow Hanger & Robins Kellogg & Easton
12:30 PM Cholfin, D'Ammassa, Dern, Douglas (M), Lake, Popkes Di Filippo (M), Kessel, Lewitt, Trudel, Van Sawyer Measure
1:00 PM Off Color Writing as Therapy Clement Clough SF & Mysteries   Datlow & Morrow
1:30 PM Charnas, Delany, Hairston, Hopkinson (M), Mehan, Mitchell, S. Thomas Bowes, Edelman, Kaplan (M), Tan, Wolfe Levinson
2:00 PM Kicking the Hobbit: Alternatives to Tolkien From Scientific Breakthrough to Societal Change Link J. Gardner    
  Gilman, Kellogg, Meynard, Moorcock, Ringel (M) J. Cramer, Grant, Hecht, Levinson (M), S. Williams Cox
3:00 PM Readercon 12 Debriefing  
  Members of the committee

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