Readercon 11 Program Grid (updated July 6)

Plain text beneath bold text tells you who's on an item; ignore the gridline between them. See the full Program Guide text (coming soon) for descriptions, and for who's responsible for certain discussions and talks.
Time Panels Readings Discussions, Etc. Kaffeeklatsches Autographs Audio
  Eden Vale B Eden Vale A Cambridge Belmont Lincoln Hawthorne Wellesley Ports Thoreau
4:00 PM You're Mad as Hell, What Do I Do?       Bookaholics        
  Datlow, Edelman (+M), Ellison, J. Gardner, C. Gilman
5:00 PM Lest We Forget Robot Lib Kaplan Hugos Hopkinson & Williams
5:30 PM Asher, Bowes, Ellison (+M), Reed, Wolfe Burstein, Grant, Gravel, Sawyer (+M), St. Smith Rich Mayhew
6:00 PM Slipstream and the SF Community Any Resemblance is Intentional Lewitt Hirsch Bujold Riddell & Swanwick
6:30 PM Cholfin, Cox (+M), Datlow, Reed, Van Gelder Clute, Di Filippo (+M), Malzberg, T. Nielsen Hayden, Robins J. Cramer Eisenberg
7:00 PM Is Hollywood Getting a Clue? Text, Meaning, and the Changing Self Dorsey Kirstein Characters Feeley & Lewitt Cadigan & Durgin
7:30 PM Ellison, Jenkins (+M), Kaplan, Riddell, Sawicki Crowley, J. Gardner, G. Gilman, Ringel (+M), Zeddies Hand Carver
8:00 PM Misfit and Outcast Literature The Fiction of Gerald Kersh McDevitt Weiner Consciousness Book-making Edelman & Lapine Swanwick & Wolfe
8:30 PM Cox (+M), Hopkinson, Ore, Steele, Wilson Bloom, Dern, P. Duncan, Ellison, Houghton (+M) Schweitzer Cisco Van Grossman
9:00 PM (setup) Friesner Arnason Bakhtin Linguistics Clute & St. Smith  
9:30 PM Cadigan McAuley Crowley O'Neil
10:00 PM Meet the Pros(e) Party, starring H. Ellison (3 hours)    
10:00 AM The Autobiographical Voice The Obscure Funny Stuff I Like Riddell Stevenson Idea Triggers Artemis Mag Bisson / Park & O'Leary Datlow & Sawyer Page 117
10:30 AM Ellison, Hand, Kelly (+M), Malzberg, Wilson Cook, Friesner, C. Gardner, Mayhew (+M), Schweitzer Link Reimann Incas (panel)
11:00 AM The Career of Harlan Ellison Writing For Our Children Kushner C. Gilman Canadian SF Secret Museum Nielsen Haydens & Ryan Doyle / Macdonald Dann
11:30 AM Di Filippo, Edelman, Gagné, Rich (+M), Riddell Cadigan, Clute, K. Cramer (M), Levinson, Park St. Smith Sawyer et al. Skinner
12:00 PM The City as Character 1998: The Year in Short Fiction Reed Brody/Kersh Smut (120 min.)   Arnason & Durgin Carver & McDevitt A Book ..
12:30 PM Bisson, Delany, Friesner, Kushner, D. Smith (+M) Hartwell, Jackson (M), Rich, Swanwick, Truesdale Park (panel)
1:00 PM Must Art Be Difficult? The Techno-Thriller Reimann G. Gilman J. Gardner & Kingsbury Hand & Wilson Kessel
1:30 PM Delany (+M), Ellison, Lake, O'Leary, Wolfe, Zone D'Ammassa, Easton, Jablokov (+M), Macdonald, Steele Robins
2:00 PM The Short-Short Story Doing Science: Reality vs. Fiction Di Filippo Carver Odyssey Crowley & Datlow Ellison 1968
2:30 PM (90 min.) (90 min.) Hatch Cavelos (panel)
3:00 PM Bisson, Eisen (M), McDevitt, Swanwick, Wolfe Arnason, J. Cramer, Lewitt, McAuley, Trudel (+M), Watts Williams Tiedemann Black Light Fringe Lives Delany & Reimann   Cadigan
3:30 PM (setup) Kelly Sawyer Darwinia F Fantasists
4:00 PM Ellen Datlow and Harlan Ellison: A Conversation (90 min.)    
5:30 PM (setup) Crowley Kingsbury Wormholes Fallacy of Genre Cadigan & Mayhew
6:00 PM Bisson J. Gardner J. Cramer Dorsey
6:30 PM Banquet  
8:00 PM (setup) Delany Doyle & Buffy Writers Go Wrong Cook & Hand
8:30 PM Swanwick Macdonald Keller McDevitt
9:00 PM Harlan Ellison: [The State of the Writer 1999]  
10:00 PM The Best of the Kirk Poland Memorial Bad Prose Competition (c. 75 mins.) "The Star Pit"
  (135 min.)
10:00 AM Again, Dangerous Visions? John Clute's Model of Fantasy Structure K. Cramer   Flashforward Artemis Proj. (closed workshop; 8:30 AM)   55 Panels
10:30 AM Arnason, Datlow, Ellison (+M), P. Nielsen Hayden, Weiner Clute, Crowley, Dorsey, Keller, T. Nielsen Hayden (+M) Small Press Strock (Panel)
11:00 AM Harlan Ellison reads Fantasy Without World-Building   SF Games   Reed
  Clute, G. Gilman, Meynard (+M), Reimann, Swanwick
12:00 PM Just Say "Wow!": Drugs and SF The Career of Ellen Datlow Levinson O'Leary Galaxies Gravel / Kirstein / Skinner / K. Cramer / Hartwell Fantasy
12:30 PM Crowley, Hand, McAuley, P. Nielsen Hayden, Tan (+M) Cadigan, Cox (+M), Freund, Minz, Van Gelder Trudel Zeddies & McDevitt & Delany (Panel)
1:00 PM Literary Life After Death SF After the Space Age Gravel Castro French SF Ore & Wolfe J. Gardner & Reimann Daniel
1:30 PM Ellison, Hlavaty, T. Nielsen Hayden (+M), Schweitzer, Williams Carver (+M), C. Gilman, Hecht, Meskys, Steele D'Ammassa Trudel et al. (Drama)
2:00 PM A Literary Taste Continuum Why I Love / Hate Science Fiction Grant   Ask Harlan K. Cramer / Hartwell   Real Yr
  Doyle, Feder, Keller, Lerner (M), P. Nielsen Hayden Kirstein, Malzberg, Mayhew (+M), Riddell & Burstein / Levinson (Panel)
3:00 PM The Killers Inside Us How We Would Have Edited Differently Hopkinson Foundation    
3:30 PM Cisco, Delany, Hirsch, Macdonald (M), Williams Doyle, Eisenberg (+M), Popkes, Tan Zeddies
4:00 PM Readercon 11 Debriefing  
  Members of the committee
  Eden Vale B Eden Vale A Cambridge Belmont Lincoln Hawthorne Wellesley Ports Thoreau
Time Panels Readings Discussions, Etc. Kaffeeklatsches Autographs Audio

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